About Me

Hello, and Welcome! My name is Vince, the owner, and creator of The Other Side of Sanity Boot Camp. I am a former Active Duty US Marine with extensive military training that has afforded me the ability to excel at all forms of physical fitness as with encouraging the discipline it takes to achieve the goals I set for myself. I am dedicated to health, fitness, and living life fully. In 2012   I implemented the training regimen, The Other Side of Sanity Boot Camp, to condition myself as well as my Mud Run teammates for an upcoming run. The success of my program has propelled me to a new level of fitness, affording me the privilege to offer The Other Side of Sanity Boot Camp to the public.
Over the years, my training has evolved from my Boot Camp. As of 2014, I became a Certified Personal Trainer by the International Sports Sciences Administration (ISSA). I am a personal trainer at a local gym, where I teach group exercises and youth physical fitness classes. I have created two training programs with more on the way so stay tuned! My goal is to bring training back to the basics by incorporating new and improved obstacles to achieve maximum results. I am confident that I will help you reach your goals. With hard work, discipline, and unique training, I will help you every step of the way.

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